When there are more people spending money in Carleton Place, more businesses will feel like they can make it work here. It's cyclical. We are on the edge of a population boom and many will benefit when it comes.

Young Family

Andrew Tennant stands next to his wife, Tash. He is holding their son, Cade, while Tash is holding their daughter, Alice.I have lived in the area all my life. I grew up on a small farm in Beckwith and went to school here in town. I attended Carleton University for Economics and Algonquin College for Stonemasonry (an odd mix, I know). I met my wife, Natasha, in high school here and we've been together since. She teaches skating at the arena. We have two kids, our son Cade (3), and our daughter Alice (2). We live on Frank Street in an old house which I spend a lot of time renovating and repairing.

I'm the owner of Castle Masonry and Construction. I like working in town a lot, but I tend to work about half of my contracts in Ottawa.

Some people might recognize me as the bartender from the old Leatherworks, where I used to work evenings and weekends while going to school. » read more

I've been following our municipal politics for a long time now and I made up my mind to run for council just after the last election.

You won't hear me attacking other candidates or the past council. I feel that our previous council did their job as well as they were able and made, generally, very respectable decisions.

I'm running because there needs to be a representative who speaks for young, working families from everyday experience. Our previous council is not an accurate cross section of the people who live here. This is not a fault of theirs; I'm not being critical. But. I'm not retired, I have a day job (mason), and I think a lot of people here do too. My wife and I and our two young children use the parks, arena, beach and pool on a daily basis.

I grew up here and I'm staying here to raise my family. I want to be one of the people making smart decisions here that are going to ensure that my young family and the young families of all my friends have a good future here. Not that another councilor would do poorly, but I trust my own ability. « show less

Parks and Recreation

Support for Parks and Recreational Facilities

We love our sports in Carleton Place. And the fields, parks and centres like the arena, canoe club and pool are second homes to some families. The town staff and volunteers do a great job upkeeping and administering these places to an impressive standard. I would make it a priority to make sure our recreational facilities had what they needed to be the best they can be. I would also be in favour of updating parks and possibly creating some new ones.

Population Growth

Actively Promote Population Growth

I believe our time and money is better spent promoting Carleton Place as a place to move to rather than just visit. » read more

Currently, Carleton Place promotes day tripping in nearly all of its marketing material. I believe that time and money would be better spent on trying to increase our demand as a place to live, not just visit. Competing with other communities for day tourism is not practical and it is very difficult to track the return on our marketing costs. This is not to say that we don't want day tourism, I just don't think it's the brochures that are getting those tourists here.

Our strength is in our ability to support the lifestyle of the average family, while having quick highway access to a large job market. Many retailers that set up shop here in the last ten years based their decision on the speculation of population growth. This is very solid evidence that increasing residential demand has very positive commercial side effects.

I have spoken to dozens of business owners in Carleton Place about my intent to create this type of marketing campaign. Every single one of them has been excited and most want to be involved.

Increased demand for rental units may also spark some great renovations to some of the older apartment buildings which might have not been cost effective beforehand.

Increased demand for housing and rental units has many spillover effects:

Assuming we can achieve the demand, our new challenge becomes managing growth. I think that will be very welcome challenge for anyone who owns property or has business in Carleton Place. « show less

Access to Council Meetings

Provide Online Access to Municipal Government

Not everyone is able to attend council meetings, sometimes life gets in the way. Council meetings should be available in video for anyone who would like to view them. I would push for a downloadable video file from the town website. Long term, I would like to live stream the meetings.

Less Restrictions of Heritage Property Owners

Remove Restrictions on Heritage Properties

I have a lot of experience with heritage properties. A good part of my business is restoring older properties, and providing long term maintenance solutions to the owners of these buildings. I have also been a Carleton Place Heritage Committee member for many years, where I have seen the government side of the grants and loans available (or not) for restoring these buildings. » read more

Our town has great architecture. Restoring and maintaining these buildings is expensive. Creative solutions are necessary to provide support to the owners of these buildings without giving a taxpayer paid handout. Some ideas that have come forward include a property tax freeze for a certain number of years when an owner wants to improve/restore their property. Another idea might be to ease the requirements and costs of permits for work on these buildings. « show less

Rights of Property Owners

Protect the Rights of Property Owners

I believe that a person should be free to do what they like with their property. Obviously, there are many situations which would not allow for this sort of attitude, particularly where an action might impose on another person or property. But in general, I would side with the freedom of a property owner over some kind of imposition.

Parks and Recreation

Hospital Rehabilitation

It has been made clear that there are no plans by the province to build a new hospital here for the foreseeable future. No one running for municipal office should be promoting the idea that they can provide a hospital.  » read more

The best idea that has come forward out of the entire hospital discussion is to ask the province to fund a rehabilitation project for our existing hospital. If we can develop a strong plan, and clearly communicate our hospital needs to the province, we can hopefully secure the funding we need. « show less

I'd like to see more young people taking part in politics. I know people say that all the time, but they really should. The issues that face the younger generation are just as serious as anyone else's and should have the same political weight. Younger people tend to get steamrolled over in political platforms because they statistically don't vote.


Where and When to Vote

The Carleton Place Municipal Election is being held on Monday October 27, 2014. Voting stations are at:

  1. Carambeck Community Centre – for all electors within the Town north of the Mississippi River except the residents of Stoneridge Manor
    Poles are open from 10 AM until 8 PM
  2. Caldwell Street School – for all electors west of Bridge Street except the residents of Riverview Seniors Residence and Carleton Place Manor
    Poles are open from 10 AM until 8 PM
  3. Carleton Place Arena – for all electors east of Bridge Street except the residents of Waterside Viva Retirement Community
    Poles are open from 10 AM until 8 PM
  4. Carleton Place Manor – residents only
    Poles are open from 2 PM until 8 PM
  5. Stoneridge Manor – residents only
    Poles are open from 2 PM until 8 PM
  6. Riverview Seniors Residence – residents only
    Poles are open from 2 PM until 8 PM
  7. Waterside Viva Retirement Community – residents only
    Poles are open from 2 PM until 8 PM

NOTE: You must bring one form of acceptable identification. A complete list is given on the 2014 Municipal Election site.

For complete details please refer to the Carleton Place 2014 Municipal/School Board Trustee Elections site.

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